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The Power of Color in Your Life!

Have you ever wondered why you feel more cheerful when you wear yellow, or more relaxed when you wear blue? Color is not just a visual phenomenon, it is also a psychological one. Color can affect our mood, our behavior, and our choices.
Color psychology is the study of how different colors influence our emotions and perceptions. Color is everywhere in our environment - from the natural world of the blue sky and the green grass, to the man-made world of the clothes we wear and the products we buy. Color is a form of non-verbal communication that can send messages and meanings.
Sometimes, we may choose a color to wear based on how we feel or how we want others to see us. For example, if we wear black, we may be expressing one or more of these meanings:
  • Black is our favorite color.
  • We feel confident and powerful, and we want to make a strong impression.
  • We want to earn respect and authority.
  • We want to appear professional and sophisticated.
  • We want to hide our emotions or intentions.
  • We want to keep some mystery.
Similarly, if we wear blue, we may be expressing one or more of these meanings:
  • Blue is our favorite color.
  • We want to feel calm and relaxed
  • We want to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • We want to be more peaceful and harmonious.
  • We want to avoid conflicts and arguments.
  • We want to show trust and loyalty, and build rapport.
Did you know that blue is the most popular color in the world?
Maybe that’s why so many people wear it!


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