The colors of purple and violet are commonly associated with luxury, power, and good fortune. They often represent creativity, wisdom, dignity, peace, mystery, independence, and magic. Throughout the ages, purple has been considered a symbol of wealth and royalty. 

Because the color purple is not abundant in nature, creating it required much expense and effort in ancient times. The resources needed to make a purple dye were difficult to come by and therefore costly. This is why purple is associated with wealth, and has been used as a status symbol of royalty.

From an emotional viewpoint the meaning of purple and violet represent the future, mystery, and the imagination. These colors are considered by some as spiritually calming to the emotions. They may inspire and enhance psychic ability and spiritual enlightenment. At the same time, they can have a grounding effect.  

In business, purple is often used to denote a superior product or a premium service.  It can also be used to heighten ones sense of beauty and creativity. 

How does the color purple make you feel?



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