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Elevate your spirits and those around you with the Satori Good Chi Necklace. This necklace is designed to inspire positivity and uplift your mood. 

Personalize the Good Chi Necklace for that special someone by choosing from a variety of words, charms, and colors available on our website.


The simple definition of the word chi is energy or life force.  It represents transformational power.  Chi can be understood in relation to the principles of the yin and yang theory. It is based upon dynamic balance resulting from the movement of life force energy. 

Magnets are a great example of chi in relation to the yin and yang principals.  One side is north; the other side is south. They push and pull. When spun together they are a generator of electricity.

Chi energy is invisible. It is only seen through the influence it has upon the physical and  material world. Chi is not a substance. It is a power similar to the electrical current lights up a light bulb. 

To achieve a greater level of happiness and good health people can strive develop a harmonious mix of all the aspects of chi.

The Good Chi Necklace is designed to inspire harmony, positivity and to upliftones mood. Wear it to elevate your spirit and those around you!  

Personalize the Good Chi Necklace for yourself or that special someone by choosing from a variety of words, charms, and colors available on our website



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