Satori Chakra Bracelet
Satori Fire Glass

Satori Chakra Bracelet

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Steel Adjustable Bracelet with the colors of the Chakras.  

7 pieces of colored glass attached with sterling silver rings. 


Simply put, the Chakras are energy points on the body.
There are 7 major Chakras
that are aligned along the spinal column.

The Chakras create a rainbow spectrum of color.
When they are aligned, we generally feel great.

Each Chakra corresponds to a color
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet
Three simple ways to bring
the color of a Chakra into your life are
to look at it, meditate on it & wear it.


Due to the nature of the glass - colors and designs may vary somewhat from photos. Most items are available for shipment within 1 week.  Many pieces are mailed within 2 days. USPS