About Us



A moment of sudden enlightenment. The word Satori is Japanese for "AH-HA" It represents a state of enlightenment.

Inspired by nature and art, designed and hand-crafted by Stephanie. Satori Fire Glass adds creativity and colorful beauty to your life and your style. Be an individual and show it off because no two pieces are exactly alike.


Color and light inspire the creation of my jewelry. Spending time enjoying the limitless aspects of natural and urban environments provides me with a rich palette of ideas. My work is comprised of dichroic glass, opaque, transparent, and textured glass, sterling and fine silver.

After the glass is cut and layered, the layers are fused together in a kiln at temperatures of 1500-1600°F. Once the glass has cooled, it is removed from the kiln to be fire polished to achieve a precise, optimal look. Many pieces go through this process three to four times to produce a wonderfully smooth finish.

Due to the nature of the glass, the fusing and finishing processes, each piece becomes a unique jewel reflecting its luminescent colors in the light. Sterling or fine silver is used to transform the pieces into elegantly designed jewelry. Satori jewelry is intended to uplift, inspire and be worn with the most casual to formal attire.

 Materials Primarily Used: Dichroic Glass, Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, Stainless Steel