Testimonials ♥️


I have a number of the Amazing Men’s necklaces & rings. I Always get compliments when I wear my favorite pieces: My Horseshoes Up Necklace, Peace Sign, & Turtle necklaces. All are unique & beautiful. I have given my friends many gifts from Stephanie’s Collection. They all have loved them. Each piece is made with love. I feel good when I wear them.

♥️ Richard Win, Los Angeles, CA

"It looks so beautiful against the black & the sun made everything sparkle"

♥️ Amy, Florida

What an exquisite necklace! I like that pale green as much as the ice blue. Your pieces, especially those pale sea colors, have a calming effect on me. Wearing them and looking at and touching them.
It’s a bit magical to me.Thank you again for your very special creations. So beautiful. Hope to see you out and about again soon.

♥️ Jan W., Evanston, IL

I really love her booth.  Just loved her beautiful selection of handmade glass jewelry.     Ann, Nashville, TN

I bought this necklace at Art In The Barn nearly 5 to 6 years ago and I wear it nearly every day. Seldom does a day go by that someone doesn't comment on how lovely it is.             Mary Brawley, Art In The Barn, Barrington, IL

Your work is amazing. I have traveled and seen many glass art & jewelry, but yours is the most beautiful. It draws me to it. So peaceful and make me feel happy. Thank you for sharing!                    Jeana Young

I bought the small red heart necklace in Chicago several years ago.  It's still my favorite necklace and it's the only one I ever wear.            Liz C.

I have several pieces of jewelry and always get compliments when I wear them-which is almost everyday!        Chris

I've heard of Satori from several of my friends & co-workers. It's even more beautiful in person!  Megan Eskew

"I never wear jewelry & I finally found a stunning blue necklace that I wear everyday! I have gotten so many compliments on it that I've returned to buy some signature pieces for my friends & family. Thank You Stephanie! Satori Fire Glass was exactly what I was looking for."               Ingrid

 "I love the color! I love the material! I never match, but this time I had too! It is the most beautiful true red I have ever seen."     Rosalie, Glenview, IL

 The package you sent me with the bracelet arrived this side of the Atlantic safe and sound you will be pleased to hear.  Once again, your efforts have been greatly appreciated and I look forward to wearing my bracelet and earrings at every opportunity.                      Chris Murphy from Scotland