Jewelry Care

Keep Your Jewelry Looking Good!

Caring for your Sterling Silver pieces and chains: Satori Fire Glass chains are made of high quality sterling silver imported from Italy and they have an anti-tarnish coating.  Soaps, lotions, salt water, chlorine, and body oils can take their toll on them. It's best to apply lotions, hairsprays, and perfumes before putting on your jewelry and remove your jewelry prior to showering, swimming, and going to bed.  This will lessen a chemical reaction with these products. To protect it from corrosive elements in the air, store it in a plastic bag or soft cloth.  A plastic bag to keep your jewelry in is provided at the time of purchase.

Some cleaning is recommended to maintain the beauty of your sterling silver. The best way to clean it is with a soft polishing cloth; Sunshine cloths are highly recommended.

What is Sterling Silver? Sterling silver is .925% (92.5%) pure silver metal. This standard is used to assure consistent quality among sterling silver products. Silver that is not described or stamped as ".925" or "sterling" has a less pure silver content and is often softer (more prone to scratching or denting), darker in color and less shiny. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure rather than 100% pure to achieve the the hardness and stability to resist wear and tear, and to hold it's shape. Copper, bronze and zinc (the remaining 7.5%) are added to the alloy to increase the tinsel strength. 

 Caring for your glass:  All of the glass is handcrafted by Satori Fire Glass and the glass part of the jewelry can be cleaned with a soft cloth using a glass cleaner. 

The glass is made by heating the pieces to high temperatures between 1450-1600 degrees multiple times. The heating process  makes the glass very durable.  It is possible that dropping it on tile or hard surfaces can result in breakage. Satori Fire Glass jewelry is guaranteed within reasonable boundaries.  Be gentle with your jewelry and it will last. Enjoy!