Create Positive Energy

The Good Chi Necklace is designed inspire positivity and uplift your mood! It can help you feel more balanced and confident in your daily life. Inspire harmony in yourself and others.

Wear Emerald in May

Emerald is the birthstone color for May. The are many benefits to wearing the color emerald. The soothing green color is associated with nature, renewal and growth.
In color psychology, green is thought to bring balance to the emotions and promote a restored sense of calm.
It may help to awaken the intuition and spirituality. The color emerald has been associated with numerous mystical and healing properties.

The Artistic Process

Color, light & the beauty of nature inspire the creation of my jewelry. My work is comprised of dichroic, opaque, transparent, & textured glass with sterling & fine silver.

The glass is cut, layered & fused in kilns at temperatures of 1500-1600°F. Once the glass has cooled, it is removed from the kiln & cold worked.  It is then fire polished to give it a smooth, finished appearance.

Due to the nature of the glass and processes, each piece becomes a unique jewel reflecting luminescent colors in the light. It is designed to be worn with the most casual to formal attire. Enjoy, Stephanie

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