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Satori Fire Glass

Good Chi™ Charm Necklace for Positive Energy

Good Chi™ Charm Necklace for Positive Energy

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Empower Yourself with a Personalized Good Chi Charm Necklace!

Your Choice of Word, Charm, & Color of Glass
Create Good Chi ™ * Create Positive Energy
 *Encourage, Inspire & Uplift*

Chi is often defined as life energy or universal energy. It refers to the energy circulating through body, the breath, the air and the spirit.

Your Choice of a Word, a Charm, & a Color of Glass

Each Handmade "Good Chi™" is on a Sterling Silver Eternity Loop with an 18" Sterling Silver Chain.   16" sterling silver chain is available upon request.  

Good Chi™ is sold as an individual necklace which includes one word, one charm, and a glass piece of your choice of color.

Most items are available for shipment within 1 week.  Many are shipped within 2 days.


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