In todays world of many changes - one can become stressed and at times overwhelmed.  It helps to take the time to breathe deliberately. 

Think about a challenging situation you may be facing at the moment. It could be something small or large. It could be something that seems to be always present.

Close your eyes and scan your body. Where do you feel the tension?

It may take a moment to find the spot. We often tense the body in the jaw, throat, shoulders, chest or stomach. 

Place your hand on the tense spot. Inhale naturally. Imagine your breath flowing into and around the area.  Now exhale naturally.  

Repeat this a few times. Let your breath guide you into the center of the tension.  

Let your hand remind you where to direct your breath.  If you have noticed the tension in more than one place - move your hand.  Your breath will guide you to other spots. 

Now relax with your eyes closed and hands in your lap. Feel the new softness of the spots that only moments ago held the tension.  Let your breath continue to dissipate the tightness. Let go of the tension.

You can do this exercise anytime and anywhere. It can be done with your eyes open. You can do it even if you are not sure what the source of your tension is. 

Find the tension. Follow your breath.

Breathing into tightness and softening the tension creates a gentle space for the stress of your mind and body to relax.  

 Breathe. We are already breathing - why not let it assist you in an even greater way?

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